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The current LCS School Board is not accountable to anyone.

By law, the Lynchburg City Council is not allowed to interfere with or direct the school board actions. Because the school board is appointed by the city council, and not elected by the community the school board similarly can make decisions and take actions contrary to the community’s wishes without fear of being removed from office or not being re-elected the following term. 

An appointed School Board does not reflect the community.

A community is comprised of many beliefs, opinions, and identities. Local elections generally reflect the makeup of a community. For instance, the City Council is comprised of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. With a current majority slightly in the “lefts” favor. 

However, because the school board is appointed by a majority vote from the City Council its makeup reflects the identity of that majority. Resulting in a single ideology on the school board, which does not reflect the overall community. 

The City Council is not being responsible with the appointments.

Under the current charter, the Lynchburg City Council is responsible for appointing school board members. However last year the council refused to even interview one alternative candidate for the seats despite over 20 well-qualified applicants across all wards. 

While it is within the council’s right to re-appoint every member of the school board, their refusal to even interview one alternative candidate demonstrates that they do not take their responsibility seriously.  

An appointed school board opens the door for conflicts of interest.

An appointed school board runs the risk of board members and council members participating in a “pay-to-play” scheme with our children’s education. In fact both the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the current school board made sizable donations to current sitting council members.

The current appointed school board has failed.

Because school board members are appointed, rather than elected they have no responsibility or legal inclination to listen to and act on community input. Which has most recently been demonstrated with LCS’s refusal to listen to countless parents pleading with the school to offer a quality education for our students. 

That lack of a quality education has resulted in the Lynchburg Public School system losing almost 400 students over the last 4 years (8,034 ADM in 2017 vs. 7,651 ADM in Sept 2020), even while the city experienced an average of 10% annual growth over the same period. Despite this continual downward trend the Lynchburg City School Board has continued to disregard parents, keeping schools closed, and being accountable to no one but themselves.


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