About the Conservative Parents of Lynchburg

We are a group of parents in Lynchburg, VA who believe that raising our kids is the responsibility of the parents, not the state. For many people, this may look differently (public school, private school, homeschool), and that’s okay.
This group was founded in the wake of Lynchburg City Schools refusing to give parents an option to sending their kids to school for face-to-face instruction. However, when we set out we recognized that this is just one issue among many others likely to come up. Examples of other anticipated issues include ensuring SRO’s continuing to be allowed to protect schools, the future support of school choice/vouchers – including potential for tax credits to families that do not use the school system and homeschool instead, objecting to any type of requirement for the untested COVID vaccine to attend school, potential school curriculum issues and many more.
Collectively we hope to advocate for our children’s education and welfare on the basis of conservative principles and individual freedom. Additionally, we believe that the government functions best when it is closest and most accountable to the people and where power is shared between the federal government, states, and the local community.